Teaching Art over the Net.

Along with everyone else in the world, I have learned to teach remotely. This sucks, but it's doable. I have found that I truly miss the banter and building off each other's creativity when lessons are in person. It's different online. We're still creating, still sharing and still learning, but it's more serious.

I have found that there are personalities that thrive in the controlled environment of the online world. I think there are less disruptions when the kids are hooked up on line. The work my students are producing are beautiful and detailed and more indepth. So, why? Creativity is what I breathe so I'm not the right judge of this. I thrive on chaos and my statement has always been :creativity is borne of Chaos" That sums up the energy of creation for me.

For some of my students, their creativity comes to life when there are no rivals to that creative energy. My analytical students, my shy students, my unsure students seem to prefer the quiet solitude of working in their room with only one other voice, mine influencing their their lines and colors. So, I'll continue to offer my internet lessons for those people. Let's let people create how they want to.

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