One point perspective architecture.

This is one of the easiest one point perspective drawings. Its great practice and fun to play with. You can personalize it completely. Frames become windows and windows become doors. Lights in the ceiling can be canned lights, chandeliers, fluorescent long lights. The floor. The one thing that should probably be standardized is the door at the end of the long hall.

instructions: . Make a dot, then make the door or wall rectangle around the dot. Make these just about In the ctr of the paper but raise it up maybe an inch. Draw your perspective lines from the ctr of the rectangle at the dot. That dot is your vanishing point. All your long lines will drop to that one point. The wall lines, the baseboard lines , the tops and bottoms of windows or frames or furniture. Your furniture legs should align on a perspective line.. all lines showing the width of the chairs, the checkerboard floors the tops and bottom of your door wall are horizontal and parallel with the bottom of your page. Now, create! Have fun, change things and color if you want.

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