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Hiring a face painter - A  face painter should be comfortable with groups and activity and squealing kids running around and music and be ready to laugh and joke and to be fun.  Hiring a "seasoned" face painter is a way to guarantee having an outstanding party.  I qualify  as "seasoned" .   I've been doing this for about 12 years now.  I know it's important to be on time.  I know that sometimes, my gig will need to be extended and I know the glitter and gems are important to a lot of little girls :)  I have several books  your guests can choose from and I can create whatever they ask for.....within reason :)

blue hibiscus web - Copy.jpg
butterflyeyes - Copy.jpg
This little one loved her allicorn(_).jp
bluebird and roses.jpg
mike as cat.jpg
glitter blue dragon.jpg
glitter fairy.jpg
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