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Online Art Lessons - Perfect for the Covid Cooties

I am offering online art lessons for groups, families and single students. We can work with the supplies you have at home or I can give you a shopping list for supplies.  I take into account that some people don't handle computers well and never get upset at "technical" stumbling blocks.   

             Pricing:  If it's a group I put together then the price is 18.00 per student. I can add people and divide the cl

                         If it's a "locked" group (your choice of students and # of students)  it's 21.00 per student.

                         A private family lesson is 38.00 for one person, 42.00 for 2 and 45.00 for 3 students.  

Art Lessons  =  

I truly enjoy teaching and am considered a talented teacher ( I have several references I can give you).  The advantage of having a private tutor is the one-on-one attention.  Students often need that extra reassurance  and that cocoon of non competition so they can find their talent without anxiety.  

I don't have that many solid rules when it comes to art.  Rules are used to give you a reliable result.  If you don't want that result then sometimes you've got to throw away the rule book....BUT you need to know the rules you're choosing to discard and why you're going away from the tested and, you get to do your own thing, but you've got to learn the standard way to accomplish your task also.

The one ABSOLUTE:  The art is for you.  You must create for yourself. What you're learning is to expand and hone your own natural style, not to change into a different artist. That's what you're hiring me to your own abilities.  If you can distinguish one face from another, tell red from green and dark from light, and if you can write your name, you've already mastered the hardest parts!  Now I teach you how to apply what you already know.

PLEASE NOTE:  I am a self-taught artist, therefore, I will teach you the way I learned.  You're not getting a "textbook" education.   If you choose to study with me, expect to have to draw things upside down and write your name backwards. You'll learn that when it comes to paint, your easiest tool is often your own finger and that paper towels create a great background texture,  that reflections come straight down while shadows are opposite your lightsource, and that Monet had cataracts and his palette changed once he had his cataracts removed.

Group Lessons:  There are always a couple of groups going during the week.  But I keep group numbers down because I want to teach not babysit. Often if you're looking for a group lesson, we'll try and form a new one around your children or yourself.

Adult Lessons:  Adults Lessons run a little bit differently and are usually set up by project instead of on an ongoing basis.  

Family Lessons:  A great majority of my lessons are family lessons with kids and parents or grandparents learning together.  

Rates as of 7/1/19.  These rates increase by small amounts about once a year.


Private Lessons:  38.00 per one hour lesson

Group Lessons  19.00 per one hour lesson

Family Lessons:48.00 for 2 kids + 1 adult  per one hour lesson

PLEASE NOTE:  I have a house of animals.  They're all harmless.  I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 chinchillas and a snake.  If your child has serious animal allergies you might want to look elsewhere for a class.  


From our paint party tonight.  They did
justin's painting.jpg
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